Micro-Wave Radiation Imager (MWRI)


Optical image can only show the surface of an object, as we can only see light images of objects. Microwave has the ability penetrating clouds, as microwave image reflects the object's temperature and dielectric properties, and more. With microwave instrument we can get the day and night temperature of the ocean during sea surface temperature monitoring. As the information is not affected by weather, where there is a cloud cover, we can obtain the ocean surface temperature information. Different microwave frequency bands have different penetration. In General, the lower the frequency, the more penetration. By selecting different frequency observations imaging, we can obtain different target information.

There are two generations, the first is MWRI-I, the second generation includes MWRI-II, MWRI-RM.

Instrument Satellite
MWRI-I MWRI-I  FY-3A , FY-3B , FY-3C , FY-3D 

Calibration and Validation

MWRI calibration and validation