FengYun Series Satellites

The Chinese meteorological satellites FengYun, or FY in acronym, take place in series. The odd number series is the polar-orbiting satellite series, the even number series the geostationary. Each satellite takes the alphabetic order according to its seat in launching sequence. For instance, the 'FY-2B' indicates the second satellite that has been launched in the FY-2 geostationary series.

Usually, the first two satellites are of experimental purpose in a series before it becomes fully operational. For smooth transition, launching of a new series satellite is arranged in time to allow for parallel operating till the new series replaces the old.

Development and implementation of FengYun Meteorological Satellite Programs is the national cause upon which converges the effort from many institutes that undertake the production of satellite and carrier rocket, launching, telemetry & control, as well as the ground application. It is by the joint effort of these institutions a complete meteorological satellite application system has been established and NSMC has become the operator of both polar-orbiting and geostationary meteorological satellites. The Fengyun satellites are becoming more and more important in protecting lives and property of people from natural disasters.

FengYun in-orbit stellar by April 2023

FengYun in-orbit stellar by April 2023.

FengYun LEO Satellites

Series Name Launch Date End of Service Altitude Status Position Instruments

FengYun GEO Satellites

Series Name Launch Date End of Service Status Position Instruments
Timeline of Fengyun (2018)

Launch dates of FengYun satellites.

Timeline of Fengyun (2018)

Service time spans of FengYun satellites.