FY-3D Satellite


  • 4th flight unit of the FY-3 series.
  • Main mission: operational meteorology.
  • Substantial contribution to ocean and ice monitoring, climate monitoring.
  • Significant contribution to atmospheric chemistry and space weather.
Orbit Sunsynchronous orbit
Altitude 836 km
ECT 14:00 asc
Dry mass 2300 kg
Power 2500 W
Launch 2017-11-15
End of service ≥2018


Acronym Full name
MERSI-2  Medium Resolution Spectral Imager
MWHS-2  Micro-Wave Humidity Sounder
MWTS-2  Micro-Wave Temperature Sounder
HIRAS  Hyperspectral Infrared Atmospheric Sounder
MWRI  Micro-Wave Radiation Imager
GAS  Greenhouse-gases Absorption Spectrometer
WAI  Wide-field Auroral Imager
IPM  Ionospheric PhotoMeter
GNOS  GNSS Radio Occultation Sounder
SEM  Space Environment Monitor

Data Circulation

DPT (Delayed Picture Transmission) to acquire the on-board stored global data.

MPT (Medium-resolution Picture Transmission), for X-band real-time broadcasting of information of MERSI data.

HRPT (High Resolution Picture Transmission) for real-time broadcasting of full information of instruments aboard but MERSI.


Instrument Data Code
MERSI L1 dataL2L3 product
MWTS L1 data
MWHS L1 data
HIRAS L1 data
MWRI L1 data
GAS L1 data
WAI L1 data
IPM L1 data
GNOS L1 data
SEM L1 data


FY-3D Instruments of FY-3D
FY-3D Part of the first image by FY-3D
FY-3D First visual image by FY-3D