Total Ozone Unit (TOU)


TOU and SBUS are sensors on FY-3 that measure the atmospheric ozone distribution. TOU is mapped by a six channel spectrometer with wavelengths from 308nm to 360nm. The resolution is 50km at nadir.

Total ozone ultraviolet detector is equivalent to using the sunlight ultraviolet (UV) imaging digital camera. Solar ultraviolet (UV) radiation emitted to the atmosphere of the Earth surface, some on the ultraviolet (UV) covered ozone uptake, that's exactly protects life from UV damage, partly reflecting surface and the atmosphere was to of total ozone generated UV image detector. UV image contains total ozone in the atmosphere, the content of information through scientific algorithm calculates the total content of atmospheric ozone. As 3 day 14 laps around the Earth, the global total ozone can be obtained.

Satellite FY-3A FY-3B FY-3C 
No. Channels 6
Spatial Resolution 50km
Weight 19.2kg
Power 18W


Channel Central wavelength (nm) Bandwidth (nm)
1 308.68±0.15 1+0.3, -0
2 312.59±0.15 1+0.3, -0
3 317.61±0.15 1+0.3, -0
4 322.40±0.15 1+0.3, -0
5 331.31±0.15 1+0.3, -0
6 360.11±0.25 1+0.3, -0

Data and Products

Satellite Instrument Datasets
FY-3C TOU L1 dataL2L3 product
FY-3B TOU L1 dataL2L3 product
FY-3A TOU L1 dataL2L3 product

Calibration and Validation

TOU calibration and validation