Solar Irradiance Monitor-I (SIM-I)


Solar radiation monitoring instrument for monitoring solar irradiance variation that is made up of absolute radiometer RTHK, commercial radio, press at an angle. When the satellite flies out of the Earth's shadow near the North Pole, and the sunlight enters the field of view, the radiometer begins the solar irradiance observations. Two radiometers operate continuous observation, and the other one operates discontinuous observation for calibration of the continuous observation equipment. Everyday makes 14 times of the atmosphere top global solar irradiance observations.

Satellite FY-3A , FY-3B , FY-3C 
Spectral coverage 0.2~50μm
observability of irradiance 100~1400Wm-2
Calibration accuracy 0.5%
Sensitivity 0.2Wm-2Sr-1

Data and Products

Satellite Instrument Datasets
FY-3C SIM-I L1 data
FY-3B SIM-I L1 data
FY-3A SIM-I L1 data

Calibration and Validation

SIM-I calibration and validation