Micro-Wave Temperature Sounder-I (MWTS-I)


MWTS-I is a four-channel passive scanning microwave sounder for the purpose of temperature sounding in cloudy regions. The four channels are around 50 GHz. MWTS-I flies on FY-3A/B.

MWTS-I has probe field of view through, receives 50-60GHz oxygen absorption of microwave radiation to probe the target attribute by atmospheric temperature probe. Weak oxygen absorption regions are able to detect the Earth's surface and lower atmosphere for information, and the absorption center can detect the information from the upper atmosphere.

MWTS-I has four detection channels, primarily detects surface emissivity, representatives the state of atmospheric temperature on different levels from the 700 hPa, 300 hPa and 90 hPa. Thereby it can deduce the vertical distribution of atmospheric temperature. Microwave thermometer provides irreplaceable information with the ability of penetrating the non-precipitation cloud, resulting in an all-weather distribution of atmospheric temperature, numerical weather prediction, disaster monitoring and climate change.

Satellite FY-3A FY-3B 
No. Channels 4
Spatial Resolution 62km
Weight 38kg
Power 58W


Channel Center frequency (GHz) Major gas absorption Bandwidth (MHz) NEΔT(K) Antenna beam efficiency (%) Dynamic range (K) Calibration accuracy (K)
1 50.30 Window 180 0.5 >90 3~340 1.2
2 53.596±0.115 O2 2×170 0.4 >90 3~340 1.2
3 54.94 O2 400 0.4 >90 3~340 1.2
4 57.290 O2 330 0.4 >90 3~340 1.2

Data and Products

Satellite Instrument Data Code
FY-3B MWTS-I L1 data
FY-3A MWTS-I L1 data

Calibration and Validation

MWTS-I calibration and validation