Real Time Data

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The following data sets are currently available. (Updated: March 2, 2021)

Satellite Instrument Level Code Name Introduction Coverage Spatial resolution Projection Location
FY-4A AGRI L1 FDI AGRI L1 500m Data Full disk 500m Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L1/FDI/DISK/500M
China regional 500m Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L1/FDI/REGC/500M
L1 FDI AGRI L1 1km Data Full disk 1km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L1/FDI/DISK/1000M
China regional 1km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L1/FDI/REGC/1000M
L1 FDI AGRI L1 2km Data Full disk 2km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L1/FDI/DISK/2000M
China regional 2km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L1/FDI/REGC/2000M
L1 FDI AGRI L1 4km Data Full disk 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L1/FDI/DISK/4000M
China regional 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L1/FDI/REGC/4000M
L1 GEO AGRI 4km GEO data Full disk 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L1/FDI/DISK/GEO
China regional 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L1/FDI/REGC/GEO
L2 ACI Atmospheric Correction Image Full disk 1km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/ACI/DISK/NOM
China regional 1km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/ACI/REGC/NOM
L2 AMV Atmosphere Motion Vector 6.25µm Full disk 64km - FY4A/AGRI/L2/AMV/DISK/C009
7.10µm Full disk 64km - FY4A/AGRI/L2/AMV/DISK/C010
10.7µm Full disk 64km - FY4A/AGRI/L2/AMV/DISK/C012
L2 CFR Cloud Coverage Full disk 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/CFR/DISK/NOM
Northern Hemisphere 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/CFR/NHEM/NOM
L2 CIX Convective Initiation Full disk 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/CIX/DISK/NOM
China regional 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/CIX/REGC/NOM
L2 CLM Cloud Mask Full disk 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/CLM/DISK/NOM
China regional 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/CLM/REGC/NOM
L2 CLP Cloud Phase Full disk 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/CLP/DISK/NOM
China regional 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/CLP/REGC/NOM
L2 CLT Cloud Type Full disk 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/CLT/DISK/NOM
China regional 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/CLT/REGC/NOM
L2 CTH Cloud Top Height Full disk 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/CTH/DISK/NOM
China regional 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/CTH/REGC/NOM
L2 CTP Cloud Top Pressure Full disk 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/CTP/DISK/NOM
China regional 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/CTP/REGC/NOM
L2 CTT Cloud Top Temperature Full disk 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/CTT/DISK/NOM
China regional 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/CTT/REGC/NOM
L2 DLR Downgoing Longwave Radiation Full disk 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/DLR/DISK/NOM
L2 DSD Dust Detection Full disk 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/DSD/DISK/NOM
China regional 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/DSD/REGC/NOM
L2 FHS Fire Hot Spot Detection Full disk 2km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/FHS/DISK/NOM
China regional 2km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/FHS/REGC/NOM
L2 FOG Fog Detection Full disk 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/FOG/DISK/NOM
L2 LPW Liquid Percentage Water Full disk 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/LPW/DISK/NOM
China regional 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/LPW/REGC/NOM
L2 LSE Land Surface Emissivity Full disk 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/LSE/DISK/NOM
L2 LST Land Surface Temperature Full disk 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/LST/DISK/NOM
China regional 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/LST/REGC/NOM
L2 OLR Outgoing Longwave Radiation Full disk 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/OLR/DISK/NOM
L2 QPE Quantitative Precipitation Estimation Full disk 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/QPE/DISK/NOM
China regional 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/QPE/REGC/NOM
L2 RSR Reflective Shortwave Radiation Full disk 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/RSR/DISK/NOM
L2 SSI Surface Solar Irradiance Full disk 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/SSI/DISK/NOM
L2 SST Sea Surface Temperature Full disk 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/SST/DISK/NOM
L2 TBB Temperature Black Body Full disk 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/TBB/DISK/NOM
China regional 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/TBB/REGC/NOM
L2 TFP Tropopause Folding Full disk 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/TFP/DISK/NOM
China regional 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/TFP/REGC/NOM
L2 ULR Upgoing Longwave Radiation Full disk 4km Nominal FY4A/AGRI/L2/ULR/DISK/NOM
GIIRS L1 IRD Infrared Data Regional 16km - FY4A/GIIRS/L1/IRD/REGX
L2 AVP Atmosphere Vertical Profile Regional 16km - FY4A/GIIRS/L2/AVP/REGX
Dwell 16km - FY4A/GIIRS/L2/AVP/DWELL
LMI L2 LMIE LMI Events in One Minute Regional 7.8km - FY4A/LMI/L2/LMIE/REGX
LMIG LMI Group in One Minute Regional 7.8km - FY4A/LMI/L2/LMIG/REGX
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