Latest Monitoring

  Heavy rains in Nepal 2020-07-09
  Cyclone Amphan hits India 2020-05-20
  Flood in Uzbekistan 2020-05-02
  Wildfire in Guatemala 2020-05-01
  Smoke and fire in the Indochina Peninsula 2020-03-21
  Sand storms in northwest Africa 2020-02-25
  Plague of desert locusts in Pakistan 2020-02-16
  Wildfire in Australia 2020-02-12
  Floods in Iran 2020-01-16
  Taal Volcano Eruption in Philippines 2020-01-12
  Heavy rain causes flood and landslides in Sri Lanka 2019-12-22
  Cyclone affecting northern Mozambique 2019-11-28
  Wildfire in Australia 2019-11-14
  Severe convection in Mozambique 2019-09-19
  Wildfire in Bolivia 2019-08-21
  Tropical cyclone Fani is going to land on east India 2019-05-03
  Tropical cyclone Fani is moving north 2019-05-02
  Tropical cyclone Fani is strengthening 2019-05-01
  Tropical cyclone Fani is strengthening 2019-04-30
  Tropical cyclone Fani in northern Indian Ocean 2019-04-29
  Tropical cyclone Kenneth in Indian Ocean 2019-04-26
  Sand and dust storms in Afghanistan and Pakistan 2019-04-25
  Tropical cyclone Iba is strengthening 2019-03-26
  Flood in southwestern Iran 2019-03-25
  Three tropical cyclones in the Southern Hemisphere 2019-03-23
  Tropical cyclones in north to Australia 2019-03-22
  Tropical cyclones in north to Australia 2019-03-21
  Typhoon "Yutu" at Philippines 2018-10-30
  Typhoon "Mangkhut" at Philippines and Vietnam 2018-09-15